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Anti- Termite Treatment Process 
Housecareonline provide most scientific, comprehensive & Permanente treatment for your Termite problem. We use international Brand approved by Govt./ other quality control company. Our treatment process can complete eliminate all kind of termite at your Home / Office / Business place area .

Inspection & 
of Site

( Holes of 1.4 cm at Skirting level , 1.5 feet apart )

(Chemicals is infused in the Holes)

Holes are sealed with White / Putty cement.

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Type of Termite you can find in West Bengal Area

• Dampwood Termites: infest wood with a high moisture content and usually infest felled timber, dead trees, and stumps.

• Drywood Termites : live within wood, and have adapted to survive with very little water.

Eastern Subterranean: Termites are serious economic timber pests, costing homeowners and building owners as much as $5 billion annually.

Formosan Termites: are more likely to be found in developed or urban areas, rather than rural areas.

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How will I know that my house is infested with termites?

Termites can live outside or inside your home. They make mud tubes to move from one place to another.

Inside: Mud tubes are a telltale sign that termites, which eat wood and other cellulose, are in the home.

Outside: Termites can be seen if they swarm or leave behind castings of fecal matter or discarded wings.

Termites are often found inside a building because they can't survive in freezing climates and it is difficult for them to get back into a house once it gets cold outside. But termite infestations often occur indoors in warmer climates as well, when people fail to prevent the pests from entering their homes and offices through doors, windows, water pipes and other openings.

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