Bedbug Control

Don't let them ruin your life. Get rid of them with our bed bug control service.

Bed bug infestations are a nightmare, but you don't have to live in fear. Our service includes thorough inspection and treatment on bed, couch, or mattress - wherever they may be hiding. We offer a variety of solutions for you and your family's needs.


Type of Bedbug 

The three kinds of bed bugs that feed on people are C. lectularius, C. hemipterus, and L. boueti.

Treatment Process

1. Spray Base Treatment.  

Treatment Type

3 Time service in 45 days (Recomended)

1 Time - 1 Service

Google Review 4.6 +  Total 290+

Thorough inspection of Bed & Infested site 

No Side Effects

Focus on Bed Head , Matress , carpet , Furniture.

industry standards Solution use

Best customer service

Elimination of Bedbugs , nymph & Egss

1 Bhk Bedbug control 
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2 Bhk Cockroch control 
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Bedbug Treatment Guideline

1. As per treatment guide line and after historical data analysis to get best results of bedbug treatment  you need at least 2 treatments.

2. Single service cannot have any warranty because bug eggs hatch after 15 - 20 days.

3. Keep kids and pets away from the treated place as advised.

4. Customer need to keep area dry.

5. If you have any specific illness like Allergy and all please avoid the treatment place.


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